Read Through the Frequently Asked Questions About Our Auto Repair Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my transmission need repairs or replacement?
Don't panic! Not all transmission repairs are major. Your transmission issue may involve a minor external repair. In most cases, repairs are needed and not a replacement. Have our certified ASE/ATRA technicians eliminate the guessing game.
How do I know if it's my transmission that needs repair?
Transmissions have many internal and external parts that require a careful diagnostic check to determine the cause of the problem.
How much will it cost to repair?
Only repairs that are necessary and based upon a careful diagnostic check will be performed. It is all in our name – Certified Transmission & Auto Repair.
Will Certified Transmission & Auto Repair fix my vehicle if the repair is not related to transmission?
Many of our customers bring in their vehicles for transmission repairs only to find out that it is an unrelated auto repair issue. Our services mostly include auto repairs.
How long will it take to perform my repairs?
We are dedicated to getting you back on the road as quickly as possible. In many cases, we can perform the repairs the same day, early in - early out.
How do I pay for my transmission or auto repairs?
Most forms of payment are accepted except personal checks.
FREE auto repair estimates are available. 

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"Kevin was wonderful and I am now a regular customer at Certified Transmission."
-Barabra Bristol
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